>Hello and Welcome

>Well this is my wife’s idea – one blog to bring together all my creative projects in one place. To be honest it’s because I have such a butterfly brain that I’m always working on lots of projects at once. Today I’ve been trying to replace the cardboard coffee table. When we moved house I… Continue reading >Hello and Welcome

>Making slow progress

>Hello I almost can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I did anything. Except I only like setting fire to things at the weekend as then my wife’s around to watch the children, so really it’s only four weekends. Anyway, a neighbour told me of a recently dismantled wooden greenhouse that was fit for… Continue reading >Making slow progress

>Charcoal III

>Progress is being made. Now the thin bits that I thought of as kindling are turning to charcoal and the big lumps are becoming brown ends. So I think the next stage will be to do a proper charcoal stack with a hole in the middle made out of the thinner bits of wood. Then… Continue reading >Charcoal III

>Charcoal II

>Right so. That didn’t work then! I got maybe a handful of charcoal from the bottom and a lot of charred wood. So, I listened to what I’d been advised on Creative Living forum and made a nice neat stack of fresh wood on top of kindling… … waited til it was all nicely alight… Continue reading >Charcoal II

>Making Charcoal I

>Right so. The reason I’ve stopped melting things is that I couldn’t afford my charcoal habit! So after some very diligent months of reading Freeglecycle every day I have accumulated everything I need to make my own. Hopefully. Here’s a big pile of wood, chopped to size, with fire-lighting things and gloves. Here’s the fire… Continue reading >Making Charcoal I