>Hello and Welcome

>Well this is my wife’s idea – one blog to bring together all my creative projects in one place. To be honest it’s because I have such a butterfly brain that I’m always working on lots of projects at once.

Today I’ve been trying to replace the cardboard coffee table. When we moved house I turned some of the old packing boxes and a couple of road atlases into a coffee table. Now, 16 months down the line, it really is not working any more. So I’m going to do what I said I would and recycle it. But now I need to make a new one. It’s not so bad as we just took delivery of a new cooker, and as well as cardboard packaging, the polystyrene was reinforced with bits of wood. I’m in the process of turning the bits of wood and cardboard into a coffee table, but at the moment I’m stuck as I can’t lay my hands on a chisel.

I’m also writing a book. I have been working on my latest novel all last year, and am perilously close to the 40,000 word mark which is really encouraging. Bizarrely, it’s a historical novel that’s set in a post-apocalyptic future. The mechanism that holds it all together is reincarnation and past life regression. Basically the main characters get regressed back and the stories are told in different historical periods. It’s primarily an exploration of warfare and warriors from different points of view and at different times in history, but mainly focusing on how the characters develop over the different incarnations.

And, when I figure out how, I’ll import my other blog about the Goddess of Recycling. This documents my attempts to melt down aluminium and make a cast statute of a prehistoric Venus type figure. I’m doing everything from scrap for as little cost as possible. I have many lovely people who collect cans and foil containers for my project. At the moment I’m making small model goddess figures. They should be called “masters” as when I get it right I’ll be able to make many copies, but somehow that seems wrong when dealing with the goddess!

I also make wine and jam and with my lovely three children I’m developing a game called “The Most Complicated Game in the World Ever!”. And doing a bit of small scale cardboard engineering. Which reminds me that I ought to be making a cardboard homework desk for my eldest at some point. Oh and then there’s the Hornby set that we’ve just started and will be gradually updating and modeling for.

Aside from my interest in runes and Viking myth, which I need to explore more deeply, I think that’s about it for the moment.

I’ll post up progress on any of my projects and cross-post pictures of them from my Flickr account (oh yes, photography too).