>It’s been a while

>I’ve been a victim of low resources – money, time and health. On the money front I’ve been scanning Freecycle pretty much every day I’ve been around to collect stuff and that’s starting to pay off. I now have an old metal wheelbarrow and a load of wood, mostly an old bed and shelving unit.… Continue reading >It’s been a while

>Quality counts!

>Well, I used up three different bags of old charcoal and nothing dripped out of the bottom of the furnace. It took nearly two hours to start burning properly as well. I’m guessing now that it’s right on the edge of developing the 660 degrees centigrade that I need. Which does make sense as last… Continue reading >Quality counts!


> The starting sandOriginally uploaded by graham_h_miller Yesterday I got some bentonite clay in the post from ebay. So in the evening I started sorting out the sand that I rescued from the preschool sandpit. As you can see it’s full of bark chips, twigs and leaves. I gradually sieved it through a garden sieve… Continue reading >Sand

>Bentonite clay

>My cunning plan is slowly working. I’ve been listing things I don’t need on ebay to generate enough money to buy the things that I absolutely can’t make, scrounge or recycle. So I’ve just sold two books, which has given me enough in paypal to buy 750g of bentonite clay which should make proper foundry… Continue reading >Bentonite clay