Author Services

Everyone needs a helping hand with their novel at some point. I’m here to help. See below for my list of services, from a deep developmental edit to see if the structure of your book is working, all the way through to a proofread to catch those last few typos. I’m autistic and I find it hard to overlook mistakes. This means that if you order one service, like a Structural Edit, I’ll catch any grammar, style or typo errors that I see. I won’t be actively looking for them, but I’ll fix any I find.

I’ve published six books (so far) and had my work accepted by publishers. I’ve had non-fiction articles commissioned and published. I’ve also worked with a seven-figure author to keep his concordance in line, a service I can now offer to other authors.

For all services, in the first place, email me at graham@grahamhmiller.com and we’ll start a conversation. All my prices are for an 80,000 word novel. I’m happy to carry out a sample edit of a chapter to see if we work well together.

Structural Edit

This is a look at the overall structure and direction of your novel. I’ll look at the underlying elements that ensure your readers are captivated and will keep turning pages.

I’ll check the pacing is right, and that the characters are believable and are contributing to the story. I’ll make sure that the whole book works towards one message and that the sub plots and side characters are all pulling in the same direction. In short, I’ll make sure that the book is ready for the next stage of editing.



Are you writing a long series? Do you struggle to keep track of all the characters and locations? Simply put, this is what a concordance is for. It’s a list or database of all the elements of your fictional world. It can simplify the writing process if an author can quickly look up the physical characteristics or past experiences of a side character and make sure they’re being consistent.

No matter what the genre, I can help you establish a concordance and keep it up to date. I’m autistic and am quite happy to harness the obsessive attention to detail parts of my personality to make sure that everything is just so.

This is a bespoke service, so please get in touch and start a discussion with me if you’re interested in this.

Copy and Line Edit

This is a basic mechanical edit to look for grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as more general issues of style and consistency. I’ll look through for weaker words and sentence structures that undermine your work.



This is the simplest edit that will simply look for spelling and grammar errors.


Format for publication

Using Vellum we can take your manuscript in Word format and generate all the files you’ll need to upload it to Amazon and get it published.