Welcome to my homepage – the centre on the web for all my creative ventures. My blog is here but when I’m writing a novel I tend to put all my energies into that and not into blogging so it does go quiet sometimes. You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter (@GrahamHMiller) as well or even just email me.

My main focus at the moment is my police procedural novel “The List”. I’ve just signed with Crooked Cat Books and am now on the path to publication. All the current info and my thoughts on the process are under the Crime Writing tab at the top.

As a completely different thread, I have also had articles placed in LLewellyn’s Witches Calendar 2011 and Magical Almanack 2011 and 2012. In 2006 I wrote the Busy Pagan – a guide to living a pagan lifestyle in the modern world. My articles also have also appeared in pagan magazines and the local newspaper. I’m also contributing to a Wheel of Year webpage run by my good friend Jan Shepherd. Hopefully the research for this will motivate me to finally get on with the much needed rewrite of The Busy Pagan!

Under the Other Blogs tab you’ll find my blogs on Minecraft and on parenting. I’m a full time, stay-at-home house husband to three lovely boys and blog about my life (although I’ve gone quiet for the past two years).

I also have everything else that I do creatively filed under the creative projects tab.

So this is my website. Down the side you can see links to some other places I pop up on the web – Facebook, twitter and Flickr. Click the tab at the top to see my blog where I’ll update with my latest thoughts – which may or may not turn into full blown projects.


4 responses to “About

  1. Samantha Finn

    Hello Graham, I would love to buy a copy of the busy pagan but can’t find one anywhere. Are there any available at all? best wishes, Sam

    • Hi Sam

      Thank you for your comment – it always lifts an author’s day to read something like this. When I wrote the Busy Pagan I got a set printed traditionally and I have sold out of them. It has been languishing on my to-do list to sort this out either by rewriting it or reprinting what I have. I think, given that I have a few outstanding orders, that I’ll abandon attempting a rewrite and just go for some print on demand short run for the moment.

      I’ll let you know when I have some available!



  2. Sarah Lindsey

    Hi, Graham – I, too, would very much like to buy a copy of “The Busy Pagan”. Could you add me to the list to be notified when you next have some available, please? Many thanks. Kind regards, Sarah Lindsey.

  3. Hi Sarah, when the Busy Pagan comes out it’ll probably be a huge rewrite with lots more information and a new name. But I’ve just landed a fiction publishing contract so that has to take priority for the next few months. Once that’s under control, I’ll get back to the pagan writing.

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