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Angel & Haines book 1 – The Retirement Party

The first instalment in a new series that also introduces Wootenshire. Rob Haines is looking for a big success to end his career in CID and launch him into a senior role. Emma Angel has just started in CID but is keen to catch a killer who’s preying on young women in the town of Bradwick. Can they keep the town safe, both from a drug war and a serial killer?

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Angel & Haines book 2 – The Wrong Victims

The murders are piling up, each one more gruesome than the next. Rob Haines is battling personal issues and Emma Angel is fighting to keep her job. Together they have to solve a series of murders that appear completely random.

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Angel & Haines book 3 – The Wrong Suspect

Detective Constable Emma Angel has caught a killer. He’s two metres tall, has a fascination with death and his house is covered in bloody evidence. Has she arrested the wrong man? And if she has, how can he possibly be innocent?

Rob Haines, private investigator, has to find the absent father of an eight year old girl, but he doesn’t even have a name. Can he smash one family to pieces in order to reunite another? Or will two children end up losing their fathers?

As Rob and Emma’s cases collide, they both have to risk everything to do what is right.

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Jonah Greene book 1 – The List

The first outing for Jonah Greene, the coroner’s officer for South Wales Police, sees him trying to mend fences with his CID and solve the mystery of a homeless man who froze to death leaving only a list of names behind as his legacy.

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Jonah Greene book 2 – Buzzard House

Jonah Greene returns in a more personal and dangerous outing. He is drawn into a world of institutionalised abuse, closed children’s centres and dead children that no-one mourned. He is forced to choose between his job and his family.

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