Lunar Year Planner 2016

Every year I make a year planner that is arranged by the phases of the moon instead of the conventional months of the year. Recently I have found out that my approach of starting on the new moon is a very ancient way of measuring time (both Muslim and Jewish calendars work like this). However,… Continue reading Lunar Year Planner 2016

Spring cleaning

I’ve decided to have a spring clean of my social media presence. I run four different blogs about four different aspects of my life and I am now feeling that I’d like to draw the threads closer together. This is probably a good time to apologise – if you’re an avid follower of all things… Continue reading Spring cleaning


I have just finished a draft of my novel, Identity. I suppose it’s a second draft although the process to get this far has been a bit convoluted. As mentioned in a previous post, I tend to write very short, then make it longer as I go through and rewrite. With this book, it’s the… Continue reading Finished!