Lunar Year Planner 2016

Every year I make a year planner that is arranged by the phases of the moon instead of the conventional months of the year. Recently I have found out that my approach of starting on the new moon is a very ancient way of measuring time (both Muslim and Jewish calendars work like this). However,… Continue reading Lunar Year Planner 2016


I’ve just updated my profile picture for this website and my twitter feed. In case anyone was wondering, I am looking particularly hirsute in these photos as I’ve agreed to take part in Movember.┬áThis is a charity event to raise awareness of and funds for male cancers. The principle is simple – to start November… Continue reading Movember

Dinosaur Cake

Dinosaur Cake, a photo by graham_h_miller on Flickr. I made and decorated this cake with a bit of help from my six year old. It was meant to be a test but it came out so well it’s now in the freezer waiting for the three year old’s birthday party!

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I’ve been quiet for a while. Actually writing and going on courses about writing! Here are three photos I took that I like: