More about structure and plot

I’ve just finished reading Vogler’s Writer’s Journey (Mythic Structure for Writers)¬†and am in the process of absorbing it. It is a complicated but thorough blueprint for what sells, what readers find satisfying and want to go back to. Actually, that is slightly inaccurate – Vogler’s main experience is in Hollywood, so it is really a… Continue reading More about structure and plot

The Process of Novel Writing

When I was younger (more naive?) I thought that becoming an author would go something like this. I’d write a novel, by starting at the beginning and writing through to the end. Then I’d send three chapters and a synopsis off to some publishers, one would ask for the full manuscript and I’d get published.… Continue reading The Process of Novel Writing

Learning from published authors

I was lucky this morning, I caught John Grisham being interviewed on BBC Breakfast. The initial focus of of the interview was the fact that he’d sold 275 million copies of his books. But for an author, he gave some valuable insights into his success. He stated that he always knows the final scene before… Continue reading Learning from published authors