Lunar Year Planner 2016

Every year I make a year planner that is arranged by the phases of the moon instead of the conventional months of the year. Recently I have found out that my approach of starting on the new moon is a very ancient way of measuring time (both Muslim and Jewish calendars work like this). However, for this year’s calendar, I’ve gone back a bit further and found some references to old Anglo Saxon month names.Year Planner Sample 1

In addition to this, the months of the Gregorian Calendar are highlighted by a change in shading. Hundreds of years ago, a month would have started two or three days after the new moon, when the first crescent was visible in the sky. Today however we have accurate details, so I’ve included astrological details not only of the new moons, but also of the first quarters, full moons and last quarters.

Also, I’ve included details of the celebration of the eight-fold wheel of the year and finally the dates when the clocks go forward and back!

Year Planner Sample 2

All of this is beautifully presented in an A2 wall chart with enough space to make brief notes on each day. I’ve included a couple of sample pictures cut from the file for wall chart so you can see exactly what you would be getting.

Now that we are actually in 2016 and I have some left, I’ve reduced the price to £4 each including postage. This is pretty close to the cost for post and packing using a poster tube. If you want to order more than one in the same tube or if you are outside the UK, please get in touch at graham@grahamhmiller.com and I’ll send you a PayPal request for the right amount.

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