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Signed copy of The Wrong Suspect

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A signed copy of the paperback edition of the third Angel & Haines mystery, The Wrong Suspect.

Five bodies in three weeks – this is the worst spree killer Bradwick has ever known.

Detective Constable Emma Angel has caught the killer. He’s two metres tall, has a fascination with death and his house is covered in bloody evidence. Bradwick is safe again. But her closest friend is convinced that she’s wrong. Is this worth losing his friendship over? Has she arrested the wrong man? And if she has, how can he possibly be innocent?

Rob Haines, private investigator, has to find the absent father of an eight year old girl, but he doesn’t even have a name. And when he does solve the case, he faces an impossible choice. Does he smash one family to pieces in order to reunite another? Or will two children end up losing their fathers?

As Rob and Emma’s cases collide, they both have to risk everything to do what is right.

Buy The Wrong Suspect today and lose yourself in the world of Wootenshire!

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