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A signed paperback copy of the shocking second book in the Angel & Haines series – The Wrong Victims.

A killer is leaving gruesomely displayed bodies all over Bradwick. DC Emma Angel must catch the killer while fighting against her new boss. DCI Rob Haines has to accept the end of his career.

With her department in chaos, Emma Angel has promised her boss that they can solve the case, but there are only two clues. The killer displays the bodies in grotesque set pieces and leaves a fifteen year old missing child poster at each scene.

Meanwhile, DCI Rob Haines must deal with the fall out from an injury sustained during a drug raid. Can he keep the secrets of his past and still leave his job with his honour intact? Recruited by Emma to help with the case, he sees it as his last chance to prove he can still be useful.

Even when they work out what motivates the killer, Emma needs to go against her natural instincts and rely on her team when she’s not even sure she trusts them. Faced with an enemy more cunning than any she’s faced before, she finds her life on the line.

The Wrong Victims is the second Angel and Haines mystery. Buy it today and return to the world of Wootenshire and dive into this gripping crime novel.

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