Finding the plot

At 75,000 words in, my rate of writing is slowing slightly. This is because I have read my book on Plot and Structure and I think my subconscious has digested it. Now, when I write, a voice at the back of my head asks questions like: how does this scene move the character forward, or where is the conflict, or where is the hook to keep the reader interested.

So, I’m sticking to my commitment to write everyday but I will sketch out a big plot overview. Unfortunately my book is complicated so I can’t do a simple three act plot with a main character. I have five main characters, so I’m resolving it to a main conflict between two, with three supporting characters who have their own sub-plot. Also there are five sub-stories told within the main story, so I’m going to have to be careful with doorways between acts as well.

Hopefully, as long as I’m aware of the rules, and why they work, I’ll be able to craft an engaging plot that will grip the reader and also prove satisfying!