>Table-top mock up

> Table-top mock upOriginally uploaded by graham_h_miller Well. Finally I have come to the end of all the sawing and chiseling and have the framework assembled. It’s all (roughly) flush. At the moment it’s very slow as I only have three G-clamps, even with a bit of borrowing. So I’m using the work-bench to clamp… Continue reading >Table-top mock up

>And in with the new!

> Flat pyramidOriginally uploaded by graham_h_millerAlternative Flat PyramidOriginally uploaded by graham_h_miller And here’s Cardboard Coffee Table mkII – new and improved. I’m not going to reveal the design yet, but it’s been in my head for a while. Somehow all the bits of wood will be incorporated into this one. Anyway, this is the base… Continue reading >And in with the new!


> Woodworking!Originally uploaded by graham_h_miller A couple of weeks before Christmas we got a new cooker. Luckily for me when it arrived it came wrapped up not only in poylstyrene but also some cardboard and packing wood. Once I realised that the cardboard was about the right size for the top of a new coffee… Continue reading >Woodworking!