>Cardboard Pyramid

>Well I let the glue set for all of its 24 hours to be on the safe side, because I was nervous about folding it up into a pyramid. I could see that it would just want to spring apart and it felt very stiff. Luckily I had scored the tabs and it folded up really nicely. Here’s an action shot of glueing the base on.
Setting the glue
The base is a rectangle of cardboard with tabs – like a very shallow box. It’s actually the base bit of cardboard that the cooker originally came in. The top of the table will the top cardboard from the cooker wrapping. They were such perfect coffee table sized bits that they defined the size and shape of the whole table.

Pyramid and Table

Here you can see the pyramid next to our very untidy coffee table (with cat in background) and you can see that it’s roughly the same scale. The top is going to be supported by the pyramid.

The edges look very rough but here is an experiment with a scrap of black gaffer tape which tidies them up very neatly. It looks like edging with black tape is become my signature whenever I make furniture!

Corner detail

That’s all for now. I need to wait for me to either not go to work (Friday) or little ‘un to have a proper midday nap so I can get on with the woodwork that will support the top.