Quick update from me. I started 2011 writing every single day which was brilliant. Then we moved house. With three children. Over 200 miles. I am now, about six weeks later, just about recovering. My wife is still working and took hardly any time off over the move, and of course now we’re into summer holidays for the children so my time is even less my own.

The good news is that September is looming on the horizon. I’ll put two into school and one into pre-school, and like other housewife(!)-authors, settle down to write every morning. Luckily I’m looking forward to it.

Yesterday I went to a mediaeval reenactment event at Raglan Castle and got lots of advice from people who actually wear the armour and fight with the weapons. And they let me try on their chain-mail and some of their armour. Nothing like real experience to fuel a writer.

Anyway, on to breakfast and I’ll try to actually get some words written in the next few days!