>I’m still plugging away at the writing. I’m well over 57,000 words which is good, but it’s like half way up the hill. I’m just realising how much more there is to go!

Been talking to my LSW about the changes in the world of publishing and generally out there in the creative media. How, previously, you needed some form of permission or sponsorship before you could get your product out there to your audience. Now, all forms of technology are breaking down those barriers. Concepts like publishing houses and bricks-and-mortar bookshops have worked perfectly well for a couple of hundred years are now being circumvented by direct media mean you can connect directly with your customers.

So, in the next short while, I’m going to start building up a presence, so that when finally this book is done and edited and ready for the world, there’ll be a world out there ready to read it!