Graham H Miller

is a crime writer based in South Wales.

My Books

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Angel & Haines

Two detectives; DC Angel is new and keen to make a difference while DCI Haines is nearing the end of his career.

Jonah Greene

Graham’s first series featuring Jonah Greene, a world-weary coroner’s officer working in South Wales.


The setting for the Angel & Haines series and the beginning of an exciting new collaborative project.

Other stuff

Everything else that Graham H Miller does.

Blog posts


Introduction On my Facebook feed, I’ve seen writers get frustrated with losing their work, or if they’re forward thinking, worrying in advance about how to cope in the worst case scenario. I used to work in IT and while I’ve tried to shift my focus more to writing and not get distracted by the technology,…

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Why plan your novel?

Introduction I can think of no other creative endeavour where newcomers would be told to just start and see what happens. Want to learn how to build furniture – grab some wood, nails, glue and screws and see what happens! Want to start painting, grab some paint and canvas and have a go. Don’t worry…

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Motorhead England

Anyone who knows me in real life will know that usually I wear jeans and a rock t-shirt. However I have some t-shirts that are my favourites – Motorhead shirts. To explain this, I’ll have to give a quick history lesson. Motorhead was formed by and always was defined by one man – Lemmy. He…

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The Hay Festival 2017

I have a confession to make. We’ve lived here for nearly six years, and The Wife was born in South Wales and her mother¬†still lives here. So, we¬†have had many opportunities to go to the Hay Festival. And this year was the first time we actually managed it! An awkward distance This was the first…

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A quick update

As long term followers of my blog will know by now, my brain has a limited capacity for producing words per day. When I start either writing or editing intensively, I don’t have any spare words left over for putting down in a blog. Or answering emails. Or marketing my book. Or organising life, come…

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