>Lots of progress

>I’ll upload the photos later, but I have made progress on my next cardboard coffee table. I have marked out the four big triangles and promised middle DS (aged 5) that we’ll build the pyramid tomorrow. And I’ve cut the joints on another crosspiece. Because of the added wood this is shaping up to be a very strong table. I keep on imagining it in my head, trying to see where all the stress and weight will go – trying to see where the failure point will be.

I’ve also finally recycled my first coffee table. I made it at the beginning of August 2008 and from the start it had obvious flaws. So I’m quite chuffed that it’s lasted well over a year. Especially as that was a year when our youngest learnt to walk. We have three boisterous boys so I think it lasted incredibly well.

Finally I’m sterilising some bottles so I can get a demijohn clear for the damson wine. That might happen tonight or tomorrow – not sure yet!



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